Residents / PARIM


Resident physicians are invaluable members of Doctors Manitoba.  Residents play a crucial role in nearly all Doctors Manitoba activities, setting the course for current and future directions of our collective organizations and the medical profession.

The Professional Association of Residents and Interns of Manitoba, commonly referred to as “PARIM”, is the exclusive bargaining agent for all resident physicians that are training in a program recognized by the Royal College or the College of Family Physicians of Canada.  All PARIM members are a part of Doctors Manitoba and the Canadian Medical Association.

Doctors Manitoba, in close and consistent consultation with PARIM, is proud to ensure that Residents are compensated fairly for the work they do for Manitobans.  To that end, Doctors Manitoba negotiates on PARIM’s behalf its Collective Agreement with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.  It also provides advice and representation regarding the proper interpretation, application and enforcement of the Collective Agreement, as well as broader organizational and political issues.

Moreover, Doctors Manitoba works closely with Residents to offer reliable and accurate advice to help with the transition from residency to practice.

Residents also have access to certain programs (like maternity and parental leave) and insurance benefits offered by Doctors Manitoba.

Doctors Manitoba is pleased to have a relationship of mutual respect and collaboration with PARIM and Residents.

Overview of the PARIM Group Insurance Program

After helping Residents for decades, we have the experience necessary to have developed insurance specifically for you.  We have tailored these insurance products to you and the protection you need.  Our goal is to provide you with the best, most reliable information and options.

For details regarding the insurance offered to Residents, click here.